The role played by the Fisheries Department of Tripura towards meeting the food security of the State’s population is significant, as fish is an important constituent of daily diet of more than 95% of its population. The Department is doing all-out efforts to implement & promote various developmental schemes and activities for sustainable development and conservation of fisheries in the state, keeping in view of achieving self-sufficiency in fish production to meet the consumer’s demand through locally produced fish. While the farmers of the state were producing 17979.60 MT fish in the year 2003-04, the production has gone up to 78574.21 MT during the year 2020-21. The state has 28101.63 ha water area under fish farming which is utilized for culture of fish, prawn and fish seed. The Department is presently focusing on augmentation of fish production through increasing productivity and expansion of aquaculture area by creation of new water bodies, promoting alternative aquaculture practices such as Cage culture of fish in open water bodies, biofloc culture, etc. Department is also promoting scientific fish farming among the farmers, SHGs, Co-operative Societies through necessary support and entrepreneurship development to make them self-reliant. Fisheries Department is developing necessary infrastructures to impart skill development training to the farmers, spreading awareness among the people and to ensure the availability of quality fish in markets for consumers.


“Give a man a fish, he will eat it for a day Teach him how to fish & he will eat through his life”