Mandate of the Department:

During 2013-14, the mandate is set up mainly to continue to provide thrust on increase in average productivity. A new category based approach of assistance to fish farmers (instead of a general approach practiced till now), is proposed during the XIIth Plan period. For zooming in the development process the fish farmers are catagorised as first category i.e. the water area cultured by whom has productivity =1500 kg/ha/annum and second category i.e. the water area cultured by whom has productivity ?1500 but =3000 kg/ha/annum and these groups. are going to be given special emphasis under the present approach.

Side by side , thrust will also be laid on reclamation of existing water bodies and scientific fish culture in the water bodies of forest areas, re-grouped villages and patta holders for the development of Socio-economic condition of specially tribal forest dwellers.

Programme of ranching of open water bodies is also proposed to be continued, in addition to other programmes of human resource development, assistance to Cooperatives and welfare of fishermen.

During 2013-14, the Department has aimed at a target of raising the per capita availability to 17 kg from 16.33 Kg for expected populace by producing 61950 tons of fish, through utilizing 25333 ha of culture area i.e. the average productivity of culture ponds have to be brought upto 2700 kg/ha/annum and 3000 Kg / ha/Year by 2020.

Now for bringing all the above mentioned rationale and targets to the reality during 2013-14, a numbers of schemes to be implemented by the Department are in the pipeline as follows:

i. Scientific utilization of available resources through demonstration on low cost input & semi-intensive fish culture technology.
ii. Encouraging educated youth/SHGs in scientific fish culture through various extension efforts.
iii. Supply of basic fish culture inputs to the small tank holders for improvement of their fish yield.
iv. Short term fish culture in seasonal/non perennial water bodies.
v. Extensive fish culture in large water bodies.
vi. Fish culture in existing pens created during last year in large waterbodies.
vii. Dev. of Fisheries of open water bodies through ranching.
viii. Intensification on production of quality fish seed in the tanks of farmers in remote area.
ix. Intensification of stunted growth of fingerlings production.
x. Welfare programme for the fishermen in the form of dwelling house, relief assistant during the lean fishing period.
xi. Popularization of fresh water prawn & pabda culture.
xii. Reclamation of existing water bodies for enhancement of water retention capacity and productivity. ”.(by procuring fund under MGNREGA)
xiii. Scientific fish culture in available water bodies of “Forest areas” (involving JFMs), “Regrouped Villages” and “Patta holders”.(by procuring fund under MGNREGA)
xiv. Development of better Post harvest facilities (construction/up-gradation of markets) through procuring fund under C.S.S/Other sources.
xv. Training and motivation programme through organizing workshop/ seminar.
xvi. Popularization on use of aerator in fish culture for higher production by procuring fund under RKVY/DIF.

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