The role played by Fisheries Department of Tripura towards meeting the food security of State’s population is significant, as fish is an important constituent of daily diet of more than 95% of its populace. An area of 33217.46 ha (i.e. 3.1% of the total geographical area of the State) is presently under use for fish production in the State. Area under capture fisheries constitutes 23.72%, with remaining 76.28% under culture fisheries. The Department made all out efforts to implement various developmental schemes during 2013-14 with funds received through State Plan, CSS and other Centrally funded schemes. Encouraging results with regard to fish culture activities could be obtained in the State, particularly in the rural areas due to implementation of the Plan activities. Besides, a class of progressive farmers could be developed in the State who are obtaining fish productions of even above 4 – 5 tons per ha. It is, thus, expected that the set target of 61259 tons (6.6% growth over previous year), enabling per capita availability of 16.81 kg of locally produced fish for its fish eating populace, already been achieved during 2013-14 with expected increase in average productivity of culture resources to 2581 kg/ha/annum (against 2600 kg/ha/annum during 2013-14).

“Give a man a fish, he will eat it for a day
teach him how to fish & he will eat through his life”


Shri Narendra Chandra Debbarma
Minister of Fisheries
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