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Activities under different schemes & programmes of the Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Tripura

 1. Demonstration on:

  • Low cost inputs technology [Composite fish culture technology].

  • Feed & Seed support to the farmers for culture of fish in scientific line.

  • Supply of basic inputs to small tank holders for culture.

  • Short-term fish culture in seasonal/ non-perennial water bodies.

2. Approaches for doubling the income of farmers:

  • Cage culture in Dumbur reservoir and other big water bodies.

  • Integrated fish farming among the farmers having pig in ADC areas.

  •  Encouraging the farmers in remote areas for production of quality fish seed of carps/ catfishes etc.

  • Demonstration of feed based intensive fish culture.

  • Polyculture of prawn / pabda.

  • Production of stunted growth fingerling in perennial nature of water bodies

  • Species diversification with introduction of high value & high productive species.

3. Dumbur reservoir programs:  

  • Promotion of cage culture.

  • Sustainable development of fishery in natural/ open water bodies of Dumbur reservoir with ranching of quality fingerlings.

  • Organizing training for unemployed youth/SHGs / cooperative members on production of value added fish product of local fish (Moka, Chingri, etc.)

4. Promoting high yielding culture practices, aquaculture of high value indigenous varieties of fish:

  • Cage culture in Dumbur and other big water bodies.

  • Conservation aquaculture of Pabda (State fish of Tripura) in carp polyculture system.

  • Aquaculture of Giant Freshwater prawn.

  • Breeding & production of seeds of catfish viz. Pabda (Ompok bimaculatus), Magur (Clarias batrachus) / Singhi (Heteropneustes fossilis) etc.

  • Production of Chitala, Puntius, Labeo bata, Cirrhinus reba etc.

  • Seed production of Giant fresh water prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii).

5. Extension-Human Resource Development programs:

  • Training on scientific pisciculture, breeding, seed production, conservation aquaculture of indigenous fish species for Coop., SHG, JFMC, NGO members, farmers

  • Block level workshop on National Fish Farmers' Day (10th July, 2020) & World Fisheries Day (21st November, 2020).

  • Awareness on use of harmful adulterants (formalin etc).

  • Training on culture and propagation of high value & high productive species.

6. Developing Gene Bank facility for potential species in Tripura:

  • Enriching live gene bank for endangered, vulnerable species at Lembucherra FSC with Pabda, Chital, Minor-medium carp, Puntius spp., Labeo spp., Cirrhinus spp. etc.

  • Development of gene Bank for threatened species like Catfish Tengra (Mystus spp.), Magur, Singhi etc at Sarma farm, Gandacherra with stock enhancement, grow-out culture etc.

7. Infrastructure Development:

  • Construction of fish seed hatcheries, fish markets, Pisciculture Knowledge Centers.

8. Distribution of fish transportation vehicles to unemployed youths/entrepreneurs.

9. Welfare of fishers:

  • Insurance Coverage of fishermen under Group Accidental Insurance scheme (GAIS) of PMMSY.

  • Extending financial assistance to the fishermen community for compensating fishing ban during breeding season.

  • Distribution of fishing craft and gears to the fishermen.

10. Support to the SHGs & Co-operative Societies.

  • Providing inputs support to the SHGs (fishery based) and Fishermen Co-operative Societies for entrepreneurship development through adoption of scientific fish farming.

  • Providing managerial subsidy to the eligible Fishermen Co-operative societies.

11. Open water fisheries & Conservation:

  • Ranching of fish seeds in Reservoir, River and other big water bodies.

  • Imposing ban (03 month) on fishing in Dumbur Reservoir during the breeding season.

12. Quality Testing & Monitoring:

  • Testing of Soil & water samples at the laboratories or through organizing health camps and recommending necessary solutions or suggestions.  

  • Distribution of Pond Health Card to the fish farmers for keeping the records of soil and water tests of their fish ponds.

13. Kisan Credit Card (KCC):

  • Credit loan to the eligible fish farmers/fishers under KCC.